Shaping User Behavior Gently

As Twitter continues to get slammed from every imaginable angle, I can’t help but think that the platform has stopped growing for one simple reason: It’s pain-to-pleasure ratio, PTPR, is too high. Say what? There’s too much pain on Twitter? Yes, that’s precisely what I’m saying. On Twitter, fights erupt over the smallest things. And […]

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Why Apple Won’t Destroy Uber

Uber. Just uttering the word triggers a range of positive feelings among people who want to see the company soar higher and higher. And of course, it stirs some ugly sentiments among those who believe Uber never, ever plays fair. I’m accustomed to hearing both of these fundamentally different sentiments every time Uber makes the […]

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Twitter’s Next Chapter

Chris Sacca recently wrote a longish article about Twitter. The piece itself is pretty measured. Sacca highlights some of Twitter’s biggest accomplishments, giving credit to the founders for pulling off feats many naysayers doubted from the company’s inception. But Sacca also criticizes Twitter for a number of alleged failings. Before we consider those “failings,” I […]

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Regulatory Evolution

Silicon Valley has a knack for producing world changing companies.  These startups are often disruptive because they envision a product or service in an entirely new way. Facebook tackled identity in the context of social networking, creating a platform used the world over.  Google turned the human need to find things into one of the […]

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