About iPiphany Group

The world’s best technology companies have one thing in common:  They tackle the right problems.  All startups aspire to do this, but few succeed.  What distinguishes the winners from those that fail?  The answer:  To build something world changing, you must discard conventional thinking and embrace creative, interdisciplinary approaches to finding and addressing the right problem.

If you are trying to identify or solve a tough problem, we can help.  With experience in product development, business strategy and law, iPiphany believes that technology development is inherently creative and interdisciplinary.  If you adopt these two values, you can aggressively borrow from the present and the past.  This will radically increase your chances of succeeding.

iPiphany Group solves product, legal and strategy challenges for technology companies committed to developing world-class innovations.  Please contact John Eden (eden@ipiphanygroup.com) if you are facing a problem that needs a creative solution.


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