Chasing Monopolies

Capitalism and competition are not the same thing. Sound surprising, or perhaps slightly heretical? The conventional narrative is that capitalism is the only economic system that consistently encourages and nurtures competition. Peter Thiel thinks this is nonsense. According to Thiel’s new book Zero to One, we function in a highly regulated economy where the most […]

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The Robocar Wars

You have probably heard a very powerful rumor: On the basis of reports that Google is developing a ride-sharing app, tech journalists have surmised that Google and Uber are now — as in, today — competitors in the global ride sharing market. What’s more, pundits have instantly concluded — without much reflection — that Google is going to be the clear winner due […]

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What is Public Relations?

I am going to introduce a new way of thinking about public relations (PR). In doing so, I will also provide a fresh, useful approach to PR challenges. This new approach will be particularly useful for technology companies that are trying to grow quickly in highly contested, dynamic markets. What do people think PR is? […]

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